The Story

airplane systm AIRPLANE SYSTM, since 1998, the company was built under the name of Airplane. Airplane symbolyzes the fastest, most modern and sophisticated service for everyone who need to be transported to a target area in a modern era. With the service and material-composed as strong as the materials used for building an airplane, we try hard to build our good image and always go public for those who are dynamic, highly-mobiled citizens and live in this modern era.

AIRPLANE SYSTM also have sub brands which is include Airplane SYSTM, AIRPLANE SYSTM For Her, AIRPLANE SYSTM Roots DNM, AIRPLANE SYSTM Manchester Series.

The product design represent a commitment to hard work and a respect to intricate details, stronger, and fashionable, with high quality design and materials. All of these are expressed and integrated in the desire to give a solution for demand of teenage lifestyle.